Stamford, ConnecticutStamford, Connecticut

XSolutions And Connecticut Businesses

We are a full-service Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) proudly serving the New York Tri-State Area, including Connecticut (CT).

Initially, our customers were all located in New York and New Jersey. But, when clients moved to Connecticut, they asked us to continue supporting their businesses. So, XSolutions expanded its operations to Connecticut as well.

XSolutions Offers Managed IT Services To CT Businesses

Many businesses initially start with a break-fix provider to service their computer needs. The problem with break-fix is that things have to break first before the vendor fixes the issue. This is expensive and causes unnecessary downtime, frustrating clients and their customers. It is in the best interest of a break-fix vendor for you to have constant problems, so you’ll need their services. Therefore, we do not recommend break-fix.

XSolutions is a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP). We believe in active monitoring, maintenance, management, and support of our clients’ IT systems, fixing minor issues before they become big problems.

With Managed Services, your systems are maintained and managed for a set fee. Our goals are aligned because when problems occur, we must fix them without charging additional fees. This means that when things break, we’re less profitable—as it should be—because when systems are down, you lose money.

Upgrade And Experience A Higher Level Of IT Services

 XSolutions’ mission is, “To deliver true Managed IT Services by putting people first. Because there is no time for downtime.” We’ve designed our service delivery around our mission. We are constantly monitoring, watching out for issues and anomalies. When problems occur, we’re on it immediately, often before our clients have a chance to call us. That is the way service should be—and that is what you get with XSolutions.

Services That We Perform For Connecticut Businesses

Connecticut service area: Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Darien, Danbury, and Norwalk—and anywhere in-between.

Ready To Upgrade?

Are you tired of slow, IT vendors not returning your calls? Are you having the same issues over and over again? Is your IT guy unable to serve your needs? Then take action—upgrade to XSolutions. Call us at (845) 362-9675.