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Managed Threat Response

IT security can be confusing, especially with all of the acronyms floating around. When researching solutions, many struggle with the differences between EDR, SIEM, SOC, and MTR.

We’ll unpack these acronyms for you and show you why Managed Threat Response (MTR) is the best IT security solution for Small-to-Medium Size Businesses (SMBs).

IT security experts agree that cybercriminals are specifically targeting SMBs since they usually do not have substantial security budgets like their larger, corporate counterparts. It is critical that SMBs significantly increase their security to protect their businesses, clients, adhere to growing Government regulations, and comply with cyber insurance standards.

What Are EDR, SIEM, And SOC?

EDR  (Endpoint Detection and Response). EDR acts as a central hub to collect, correlate, and analyze data from endpoints and then coordinates alerts to threats it detects.

What it doesn’t do, is remediate any threats found. It’s like the old commercial where a bank is being robbed, and a customer asks the guard for help. The guard responds, “Oh, I’m just a monitor. I don’t do anything.”

Although, EDR is a step above antivirus, you’re still vulnerable until the issue is contained.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). SIEM provides real-time monitoring, analysis, tracking, and logging of potential security events. It centrally collects data from multiple devices, including other security appliances, to proactively identify security issues and detect attacks.

SIEM works in conjunction with EDR, however threats still must be evaluated and contained. You’re still vulnerable until you take action to remediate the threat.

SOC (Security Operations Center). A SOC provides a proactive, human team to prevent, detect, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats. Combining technology and human intelligence, a SOC acts as a 24/7 first responder to deal with detected threats. Typically, dedicated SOCs are used by large corporations, with big budgets and well-staffed IT departments, that have the scale and threat profile to justify the additional infrastructure and expense.

What Is MTR, And Why Businesses Need It?

MTR (Managed Threat Response). MTR combines the above capabilities (EDR, SIEM, and SOC), providing 24/7/365 threat hunting, detection, response, and remediation delivered by an expert team as a fully managed service. An MTR team:

  • Proactively hunts for and validates threats
  • Assesses the data to determine the severity
  • Validates the threat
  • Takes action to disrupt, contain, and neutralize dangers
  • Advises client on how to address the root causes of recurring incidents

XSolutions utilizes the MTR security model, reasonably priced for Small-to-Medium Size Businesses (SMBs), providing an advanced, managed, comprehensive, and full-service IT security solution. Additionally, XSolutions includes Employee User Awareness Training, not typically offered by traditional SOCs.

Why Choose XSolutions Advanced Managed IT Security Services?

With our Advanced Managed IT Security Services, you’ll get a reasonably priced security service with:

  1. Strategy
  2. Detection & Response
  3. An on-call Incident Response Team
  4. Employee User Awareness Training
  5. The application of Security Best Practices to your business

In addition, our security program will check most of the boxes for compliance and cyber insurance coverage.

Our promise: XSolutions will always be there with you to take care of any issue, large or small, to ease the burden of IT security. We put people first—and that means best-in-class service—always.


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