Security Alert – Fake Windows Update Delivers Ransomware

A SPAM campaign sending fake Windows Update messages is actually ransomware. Clicking anything in this email is very dangerous.

Don’t Be A Sitting Duck

Statistica reports that over 48% of email traffic worldwide is SPAM. Find out what you can do now protect yourself.
Bogus Link

SECURITY ALERT: An Old Nemesis Resurfaces

Heimdal Security reports that the financial trojan, Trickbot…
Email Phishing

The Crème de la Crème of Phishing Attacks

Cyber-crooks created a fiendish way to steal your data. They take their time, study their targets, then pounce.

Look Before You Click!

Look carefully at the URLs before you click to make sure they're legitimate. The bad guys are using look-alike letters to trick you..

Are You Or Someone You Know The Star Of A Fake Porn Movie?

AI-driven "deep fakes" have made it possible for criminals to generate fake porn videos, where innocent victims are the stars for extortion.

Article Roundup - Week Ending 10/06/17

New scams of the week, basic threats, phishing attacks, breaches, etc. They will all be common if we don't start being careful.

Massive Ransomware Attack Underway

Barracuda researchers confirmed that a massive ransomware attack…

Security Alert! Locky Reemerges—Dangerous As Ever

Most of us breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the notorious…

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learn how much your data is really worth to cyber-criminals and what you should do to protect yourself and your business.