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The (Bad) State Of Cybersecurity In Healthcare

Cybercriminals are gunning for the healthcare industry. Attacks on healthcare have increased exponentially, and experts expect things to get worse. Read on to find out the causes and what to do to stop this crisis.
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SECURITY ALERT: An Old Nemesis Resurfaces

Heimdal Security reports that the financial trojan, Trickbot…

Hackers Serve Malware Cocktail That Evades Most AV Programs

Malware cocktails are hard for AV programs to detect because of their ever-changing code. They are dropped onto systems via phishing emails.

Meet Skygofree—The Multipurpose Mobile Trojan

A recent post in Kaspersky Lab detailed a powerful “new”…

Security Alert: Ransomware That Encrypts Tax Program Files

PowerWare is targeting tax program files. Tax Preparers beware. This ransomware variant specifically hunts down and encrypts tax files.

Security Alert: Acecard, The Latest Mobile Banking Threat

Introduction Acecard is an Android Banking Trojan that can substitute…