woman looking upset while looking at her cellphone

Deception NEVER Takes A Vacation

Your phone is a target! Thieves create real-looking fake apps and post them in authentic app stores. Do your research before downloading an app.
Employees back in the office after COVID-19

Are Employees Bringing More Than Their Laptops Back To Work?

As businesses welcome back their employees to the office, there are hidden dangers to be aware of. Could returning employees put your business in jeopardy? Check out those laptops before you reconnect them to the company network.
Hacker using computer with glowing remote work interface.

You, Hackers, And Office Security

Now that work from home is, at least, a semi-permanent feature, home-workers need to harden their home networks. Here's how.
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ALERT: Millions Of Trusted Apps Are Leaking Data!

SDKs collect user data in apps to show ads, but, in many cases, they fail to secure the data when transmitting to their servers.