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Free Utility of the Month – XOBNI

Here at XSolutions we use Outlook as our contact and email system. Throughout the years, we’ve accumulated a large base of emails and contacts. However, one thing Outlook doesn’t do well is analyze the wealth of information contained within this knowledge base. That is, until we found Xobni (inbox spelled backwards). Xobni allows you to […]

Free Utility of the Month – PrimoPDF Creator

The ability to convert your documents into PDF format from your desktop is essential to office productivity.  To save on the cost of user licenses, some organizations require employees to scan hard copies of their documents into a multi-function device and email it to themselves as a PDF. From there, they must save it to […]

Do You Google?

Using Google effectively is a skill few business owners and corporate executives can afford to ignore. There is much more to searching the web using Google than just entering a few key words. Learning the correct way to structure your phrases will help you to perform sophisticated searches and get the information you desire more […]

Boost Productivity with the Right Intranet

Businesses have used intranets for many years. Since an intranet is essentially an internal website only accessible by company employees, it seems to be the ideal way to share information. The problem is that this is exactly what most companies have done; using it only as an information-sharing vehicle. A properly designed intranet can boost […]

XSolutions partners with Carbonite©

Every year 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files. Protect your personal and business files with this low cost solution. After years of utilizing online offsite backups we have finally chosen the best and partnered with them! Carbonite© is completely automatic, secure and encrypted, and very cost effective. XSolutions can even install it for you! Learn […]

XSolutions announces new Managed SharePoint service

XSolutions will host your SharePoint application on its servers and manage all of the technical and administrative aspects for you. You get all of the benefits of SharePoint but without the heavy costs associated with an on-premises installation. Visit us on the web for more details on this cost effective solution to your collaborative intranet […]

Free Utility of the Month – PrintKey

One of our passions at XSolutions is to scour the internet and print media for FREE and useful programs that will enhance our computing experience and help us do various tasks easier, better, and quicker. This month, we are featuring PrintKey, a small utility that we use here in the office on a daily basis. How […]