Security Alert: Audio Files Used To Spread Malware

Criminals have upped their game and are now embedding malicious code in audio files. Read on to find out what they’re doing now and how to thwart their attacks.

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 9 – Vendor List

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is all about details. No one has the time for thinking through high-level data during the Recovery Phase. Having a complete vendor list will aide in a quicker and smoother recovery. Read on.

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 5 – The Communication Plan

When disaster strikes, confusion reigns and time becomes your chief enemy. A well thought out communication plan will keep employees and clients informed, enable the company to speak with one voice and avoid confusion. It is a vital component of your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Are You Under-prepared for disaster?

A written Disaster Plan is a "must have" for all companies. Find out what you should include in your plan and how to download our FREE template.

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