Cybersecurity training concept.

Why Awareness Training Is Vital To Your Security

Security Awareness Training is a vital component of cybersecurity, and is overlooked by many SMBs. This is a big mistake.
Public or Private data, your choice

Data Privacy: The New York SHIELD Law

Some business owners think that since the GDPR is in Europe, they do not have to worry about privacy. NY has its own privacy laws and so do many other states.
Data Privacy

The Data Merry-Go-Round

Hundreds of thousands of databases are exposed on the internet each year with very little security. It is an internet-epidemic.
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The [Crooked] House Always Wins

Those who trust what they see on the internet, set themselves up for a big fall. Do your research before giving information or money.
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Where You Save Your Files Is As Important As Backing Them Up In The First Place!

Disorganized file-saving operations lead to disaster. Following good data hygiene can save your company when catastrophe strikes. Find out how.

The Cornerstone Of Cybersecurity

Of all the backup solutions on the market today, Datto stands head and shoulders above them all. Find out why XSolutions calls Datto the "Cornerstone of Cybersecurity."
Start The Recovery
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BDR And Cybersecurity -- Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Separating cybersecurity and BDR is the wrong approach. They compliment each other. When security fails, BDR can save your company.
Personally identifiable information (PII) for sensitive data

Human Resources In The Crosshairs

HR departments are in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. Hackers use HR data as a gateway to a company. Use these 8 steps now.