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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 7 – Emergency & Vendor Information

Emergencies have a nasty habit of happening unexpectedly. In real-life emergencies, people often don’t think clearly which delays action. Even a small delay can have life or death consequences. Emergency contact information can help staff get the right help for the situation quickly. Read to see how.
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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 6 – Backup Facilities

Business Continuity and not mere survival needs to be the focus of your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). But, if your office is damaged or destroyed, where will your employees go to work? How will you maintain IT operations? How will you access your data? These are the questions that your DRP must answer now, so you can prepare for the unthinkable. Those businesses that prepare, survive. Those that don’t, fail. Read this post so you can survive and thrive should disaster strike.
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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 5 – The Communication Plan

When disaster strikes, confusion reigns and time becomes your chief enemy. A well thought out communication plan will keep employees and clients informed, enable the company to speak with one voice and avoid confusion. It is a vital component of your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).
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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 4 – Evacuation Plan

Disasters come in many flavors and sometimes the unthinkable happens—you need to immediately evacuate the premises. Don’t trust this part of your Disaster Plan to chance. Document and test. Make sure every employee knows what to do. Read on and find out how.
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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 3 – Declaring A Disaster

Recovery starts when an emergency or disaster is declared and the energies of the company are focused on one thing—survival.
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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 2 – Critical Processes

Catastrophes have a way of blurring events that can quickly overwhelm even the well prepared. This article discusses the role of documenting your Critical Processes in your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).
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Disaster Recovery Planning Step 1 – The Threat Matrix

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is essential to the survival of a business, no matter the size. In this article—the first in a planned series—we cover the initial phase of a DRP, the Threat Matrix.
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Now Available: A Simple Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Some businesses create a false sense of security because they’ve instituted a cloud data backup strategy and enabled staff to work remotely in a crisis. Nothing can be further from the truth. All businesses need a written Disaster Recovery Plan. Our FREE template makes it easy.

Open Communication Channels Are Vital To Recovery

Planned and tested communication channels are vital to a written Disaster Recovery Plan. Poor communication often results in data loss.
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Identifying Critical Processes Is Key To Recovery

A "must have" in Disaster Planning is identifying your critical processes. ID what processes must be up and running first.