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BDR And Cybersecurity -- Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Separating cybersecurity and BDR is the wrong approach. They compliment each other. When security fails, BDR can save your company.
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Why “Just Ticking The Boxes” Is A Bad Idea

Business owners are busy, but that is no excuse not to take cybersecurity seriously. Cybersecurity takes commitment; read and find out why.
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You've Been Scammed—Now What?

You’re always careful, but now you’ve been caught! You clicked on an infected link. What do you do?
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Hackers Don’t Want What I Have—Really?

Small businesses have more data than they think -- and hackers want it! Even a very small data leak can cost upwards of $100K.
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Backups Are Part Of Your Cybersecurity Plan

Many think that cybersecurity is separate and distinct from backups. But, backup systems are an integral part of cybersecurity.
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Offline Habits Equal Online Practices

What you do offline often translates to what you do online. Bad physical security most likely equals bad cybersecurity.
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What’s The Harm?

Letting children use your work computer is a bad idea. See how.
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A Frightening WFH Scenario – Are You Prepared?

Introduction COVID changed the work landscape for the foreseeable…

XSolutions On Security vol 1

Each week, XSolutions On Security highlights important cybersecurity issues that you should know about.
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The Insider Threat

Threats can come from two angles: inside and outside. Insider threats are harder to detect because they are often perpetrated by people we trust.