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Hackers Don’t Want What I Have—Really?

Small businesses have more data than they think -- and hackers want it! Even a very small data leak can cost upwards of $100K.
Malicious Employee

The Insider Threat

Threats can come from two angles: inside and outside. Insider threats are harder to detect because they are often perpetrated by people we trust.
Cybersecurity Alarm

Two Questions EVERY Business Should Ask Themselves About Ransomware

Business owners and executives need to ask themselves these two questions when evaluating cybersecurity protections.

The Reach Is Long And The Bite Deep

The GDPR is a European regulation that reaches around the globe. Run afoul of the reg, and you're in deep trouble.
Data Breach Screen

Security Alert: Equifax Data Breach Impacts 143 Million People

Hackers have infiltrated the mighty Equifax system. Are you aware of the extent of this breach? It has serious implications for millions.

Security Alert: DocuSign Breach Leads To Phishing Attacks

The bad guys are using Docusign look-alike emails to trick users into opening an infected email attachments.
Malware Evolves To Dangerous Levels

Security Alert: 117 Million LinkedIn Logons For Sale

Tripwire’s “State Of Security” blog reports that hackers…
Scammers contacting Finance Executives

Study: 65% Of Doctors Share Patient Data Via Mobile Devices

65% of doctors unknowingly share patient data via their mobile devices. The healthcare industry needs to increase their security.
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11 Ways To Protect Yourself When Others Put You At Risk

Some companies move slowly. Many are still using Windows XP even though Microsoft no longer supports the Operating System.

Get Rid of Spam

Spammers send thousands of emails at once in the hope of tricking a handful of users. It only takes a few to make a hacker rich!