Get Rid of Spam


When people think of SPAM they recall the hundreds of daily emails for discount Viagra or other medications at unbelievable savings. Most think of them as annoying (which they are!) and dutifully block them, sending the annoyances to the junk folder only to get the same message again a day later. It seems that they never stop.

SPAM is annoying AND dangerous. Hackers use SPAM emails laden with infected links, bilking people out of millions of dollars every year.

What Spammers Do

Spammers send thousands of infected emails daily using bots (previously infected computers that they use as slaves), hiding their tracks so authorities cannot trace the messages back to the source. Often, they create “back doors” to control their Bots, stealing information while at the same time using the computer to infect others. The information they steal is worth a lot of money on the Black Market.

The math is simple, but powerful: If a hacker sends 50,000 infected SPAM emails and gets just 1% of his targets to click on a link or open a malicious attachment, he has now compromised 500 computers with many resulting in entry to highly-prized business networks!

 If a criminal sends out 50,000 SPAM emails per day using his “Bot Army”, compromising individual PCs as well as business networks and selling the stolen data to other criminals, he stands to make hundreds of thousands of dollars maybe even millions, for very little work by selling your personal information, credit card and bank account numbers, social security numbers, social media account information, health-related data, etc.

What You Can Do To Thwart Spammers

One of the best ways to protect yourself and your business network is to stop SPAM from ever reaching you or your network in the first place. XSolutions’ Advanced SPAM Filtering Service blocks up to 99.9% of SPAM emails from even reaching your network, saving you tons of productivity, time, and expense. One bad infection can cost your business plenty just to get rid of it, not to mention the possible lawsuits and lost business as a result of a data breach. Rebuilding client trust is very hard to do.

Take Action Now!

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