Stop Using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 – Do It Now!

Are you a Windows 8.1 loyalist? Or still, enjoying the familiarity of Windows 7? It's time to make a change. You're risking your company's security by relying on operating systems that are no longer supported or getting security updates. Learn what to do in our latest article.

XSolutions On Security vol 6

There is a lot to talk about this week: Microsoft exploits, FBI hack, proof of Vax scams, and simulated phishes. Read on!

XSolutions On Security vol 5

Each week, XSolutions On Security highlights important cybersecurity issues that you should know about.

Phishers Using Bogus Emails

Phishers are using SPAM emails with malicious links to trick users. You can avoid the pain by using this technique.

Microsoft Rolling Out Focused Inbox

Microsoft announced that they're rolling out Focused Inbox that replaces the Clutter Folder. Users are cheering the world over!