Datto SIRIS 4 Appliances

Starting at $1,200

SIRIS is a reliable, comprehensive Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution to prevent data loss and minimize downtime. SIRIS protects Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and is the ultimate insurance policy for your data.

Datto SIRIS provides:

  • An image-based solution for fast and full recoveries.
  • Instant onsite failover, virtualizing downed servers, allowing you to work business-as-usual even though your physical servers are not working.
  • Backups are saved to two geographically dispersed data centers in the cloud, so they’re always accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The ability to virtualize and run any backed-up server from the cloud should your onsite device be damaged or destroyed.
  • Bare metal restore capability so backup images can be applied to different hardware when replacing physical servers.
  • Daily Screenshot Verifications, ensuring that the backups your SIRIS is taking of your servers are viable and ready when you need them.

SIRIS comes in two flavors with many options:

SIRIS 41TB – 100TBMini desktop, desktop, and rackmount
SIRIS 4X1TB – 48TBMini desktop and rackmount