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How New York Businesses Can Easily Eliminate Tech Problems

In Rockland County, where businesses thrive on connectivity and efficiency, losing internet or phone services isn’t just an inconvenience—it’s a potential financial disaster. Remember the recent AT&T outage that left about 1.7 million users, including numerous local enterprises, without service? Such disruptions underline how critical robust IT support is—not just for recovery, but for preventing issues in the first place.

It’s not just about the major crises like network outages. Everyday issues such as data recovery, malware removal, or even mundane tasks like resetting passwords and fixing printers accumulate, undermining your productivity and bottom line. In the vibrant business landscape of Rockland County, where competition is fierce, can you afford even a minute of downtime?

Many businesses have endured poor IT support—overpaying for services that fail to solve the simplest problems. This ends today. Here are essential standards every Rockland County business should expect from their IT support.

The IT Consultant Checklist

Check off all that apply:

  • Does your IT company answer their phone LIVE and respond to emergencies promptly (within 15 minutes)?
  • Is your IT company easy to reach and highly responsive (responding within an hour) when you need them for non-emergencies?
  • Do you know if your IT company proactively monitors, patches and updates your computer network’s critical security settings daily? Weekly? At all? How do you know for sure? Hint: Most don’t!
  • Does your IT company offer proof that they are backing up ALL your data, laptops and devices?
  • Does your IT company meet with you regularly to report on what they’ve been doing, review projects and offer new ways to improve your network’s performance instead of waiting until you have a problem to make recommendations?
  • Does your IT company provide detailed invoices that clearly explain what you are paying for?
  • Does your IT company explain what they are doing and answer your questions in terms you can understand. NOT in “geek-speak,” Do They routinely ask if there’s anything else they can help with, no matter how small?
  • Does your IT company proactively discuss cyber security with you, make recommendations for protecting your network from ransomware and offer training videos so your employees don’t fall victim to a scam?
  • Does your IT company provided you with complete network documentation or do they hold the “keys to the kingdom,” refusing to give you admin passwords, so you’re totally helpless if something goes wrong and you can’t get a hold of them?
  • Do techs arrive on time and dress professionally, and do you look forward to working with them, or do you cringe every time you have to make that call?

If your current IT provider in Rockland County doesn’t meet all these criteria, your business could be at risk—not just from security breaches, but from the avoidable downtime that affects your reputation and revenue.

Don’t settle for subpar IT support. It’s time to explore better options that align with your business needs and ensure you are truly getting the value you deserve.

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