Clever Attack Hijacks Your MSO365 Account

Introduction A post in Bleeping Computer outlined a fiendish…

Crooks using hacked websites to download trojan malware

Last week, we issued an alert about a fake Windows update delivering…

Security Alert – Fake Windows Update Delivers Ransomware

Security blog, Threatpost warns of a SPAM email going around…

The (Bad) State Of Cybersecurity In Healthcare

Cybercriminals are gunning for the healthcare industry. Attacks on healthcare have increased exponentially, and experts expect things to get worse. Read on to find out the causes and what to do to stop this crisis.

Security Alert: Fake WebEx Invites Deliver Malware Instead

Scammers are getting more sophisticated. Their latest trick is sending fake WebEx invites that can mean BIG trouble if you click the “Join Meeting” link. Read on.

State Privacy Laws Coming. Are You Ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, was the most comprehensive and sweeping data privacy directive to “hit the books” in many years. The GDPR is coming to America in the form of individual state regulations, forcing organizations to take better care of the personal data they hold. Does it affect you? You bet it does. Read on.

Security Alert: Phone Bank Scam Bilking Customers

Two-factor Authentication is a great security technique, but a good social engineer can get around it if you’re not careful. Read on to find out how they do it and what you can do to protect yourself.

7 Disaster Planning Essentials Your Business Should Act On Now

One thing a business never wants to do, is to send an e-mail to their customers explaining that a hacker accessed their info through you or that all of their information was lost because there was not a reliable backup system in place. Read on and find the seven (7) crucial things every business should do to prepare for the worst.

Security Alert: P&G Online Beauty Store hacked

A popular Proctor & Gamble website was hacked and stealing payment information from U.S. based customers. Find out how the criminals pulled it off and why it is so dangerous to your wallet.

The Cyber-war on Healthcare

The healthcare industry is under siege. From large billion-dollar companies to small medical practices are being attacked because a single medical record can bring a hacker as much as $1,000 on the dark web. Read on and find out what your healthcare company should be doing to protect themselves and their patients.