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Free Utility of the Month – XOBNI

Here at XSolutions we use Outlook as our contact and email system. Throughout the years, we’ve accumulated a large base of emails and contacts. However, one thing Outlook doesn’t do well is analyze the wealth of information contained within this knowledge base. That is, until we found Xobni (inbox spelled backwards). Xobni allows you to quickly find important emails, increasing your reaction time to customer inquiries.

Here are some of the main features:
– Associate emails as conversations so you can eliminate time consuming searches
– Super fast email search
– Email analytics such as how long it takes you to respond to clients
– Find attachments fast
– It can even look at your calendar and create an automatic availability email for scheduling 

All of these features have made Xobni an indispensable tool at XSolutions. Download this amazing application at www.xobni.com and follow the instructions. It’s Free!