XSolutions Network Security

Some companies want full service to reduce overall costs and complexity while providing security from strategy, training, detection, response, and compliance. Others, want a dependable solution to only detect and notify them of security issues. XSolutions can provide IT Security Services either way. With your needs always in mind, we have solution levels to help keep you safe.

XSolutions Managed IT SecurityStandardAdvanced
Security Risk AssessmentsNoYes
Organization PoliciesNoYes
Incident Response PlanNoYes
Detection and Response  
Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)YesYes
Firewall & EDR Synchronization (with Sophos XG Firewall)YesYes
Security Operations Center (SOC)NoYes
Log Collection (SIEM)NoYes
Vulnerability ScanningNoYes
Expert Security Team – Proactive and On CallNoYes
Incidence Response Team On CallNoYes
User Security AwarenessNoYes
Phishing Email Test CampaignsNoYes
Phishing Awareness TrainingNoYes
Security Awareness TrainingNoYes
Dark Web MonitoringNoYes
Security Best Practices
Email SPF, DKIM, DMARC MonitoringYesYes
Advanced Email Phishing Protection (additional cost per mailbox)AddonAddon
Advanced SPAM Filtering (additional cost per mailbox)AddonAddon
Device Encryption ManagementYesYes
Multi-Factor Authentication Management (MFA)YesYes
Network Access ControlNoYes
Web FilteringNoYes
Data Loss PreventionNoYes
Compliance Assistance  
PCI DSS, HIPAA, NY Shield, California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA)SomeMost
Insurance – Cybersecurity, Ransomware SupplementalsSomeMost

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