Call Center Exploits – What You Need To Know

Cybercriminals are getting bold and using the telephone to convince users to download malware. Find out about this new tactic and what to do about it.

XSolutions’ LinkedIn Post Roundup: Feb 8, 2021

A selection of our security postings from this past week.
Business Owners are at the end of their rope

5 Dangerous Beliefs That Can Destroy Your Business

Hackers are gunning for small to medium-sized businesses as they step up their attacks to steal data and sell it on the dark web. SMBs need help.

4 Things To Do Now To Harden Your PDF Reader

Find out the four critical things you need to do to harden your PDF Reader and protect yourself against Malware-Layden PDF Documents.

Security Alert – Fake Windows Update Delivers Ransomware

Security blog, Threatpost warns of a SPAM email going around…

Security Alert: P&G Online Beauty Store hacked

A popular Proctor & Gamble website was hacked and stealing payment information from U.S. based customers. Find out how the criminals pulled it off and why it is so dangerous to your wallet.

Security Alert: Audio Files Used To Spread Malware

Criminals have upped their game and are now embedding malicious code in audio files. Read on to find out what they’re doing now and how to thwart their attacks.

Don’t Be A Sitting Duck

Small businesses are under attack. Right now, extremely dangerous…

ALERT: Phishers Are Hard At Work With Bogus Microsoft Emails

One of our very good clients received the following email, supposedly…

A Lesson To Be Learned

Here are a few headlines from some security blogs I monitor…