Fake call center worker

Call Center Exploits – What You Need To Know

A New Threat Using An Old Business Standby

We’ve all dealt with call centers. Some are very helpful when we need to order merchandise or correct an issue with a vendor. The bad guys have latched onto this social tidbit and created a tactic that is spreading havoc among consumers and businesses alike.

While most of us are alert to infected links in emails, hackers are now weaponizing the telephone to convince their targets to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. It is called the BizarCall campaign.

How BizarCall Works

  • A phishing email is sent to a target with a notice of a new trial subscription and that at the end of the trial, their credit card will be charged.
  • The email states that to cancel the subscription before the trial ends, they must call the telephone number listed in the email.
  • When the victim calls, the agent asks for the unique number listed in the email then directs the target to a Cancellation page.
  • The Cancellation page prompts the target to download an Excel or Word file and to enable Macros.
  • Once the victim complies, the bazarLoader malware unloads the package onto the computer.
  • The malware is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that allows hackers to control the victim’s PC, access corporate networks, and steal information or install ransomware.

Immediate Protection Tactics

  • Businesses should institute Security Awareness Training with simulated Phishing, so employees can recognize when they’re being scammed.
    • Never click on links or call phone numbers in emails. ALWAYS use official published numbers or URLs to contact vendors.
  • Use AI-Driven Office 365 security tools to strengthen O365 native protections and ACTIVELY hunt and isolate rogue scam messages within the application.
  • Install a Hybrid-cloud Backup Disaster Recovery solution so you can recover quickly should you get compromised. Also, make sure you have a backup for Office 365; Microsoft doesn’t provide that.
  • Traditional security methods are no longer good enough. Make sure you install advanced security measures, including EDR, MTR, SIEM, and SOC services.

Sophisticated Threats Require Sophisticated Protections

Cybercriminals have upped the ante. They’re creating new ways around security systems and are generating over 250,000 new malware or variants of old viruses daily. Traditional  Antivirus programs cannot keep up.

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