10 Essential Qualities of Top-Level IT Support for Rockland and Putnam County Businesses

What distinguishes high-quality IT support from mediocre or substandard services? Is it lower prices or flat-fee services? At XSolutions, we believe several crucial factors separate good IT providers from great ones. When clients switch to us from their old providers, we consistently hear the same feedback: they didn’t realize how poor their previous support was until they experienced exceptional service.

In today’s blog, we’re sharing 10 essential qualities that top-level IT providers always exhibit. It’s time to stop enduring tech headaches and subpar service that could jeopardize your company. Great IT providers…

1. Immediate Response During Emergencies

During an emergency, waiting on hold or leaving a message isn’t an option. Reliable IT providers understand the importance of time and will either answer their calls live or respond within 15 minutes or less.

2. Consistent and Responsive Support for Non-Emergencies

Are they readily available for small tech-support issues? Ask your staff if they enjoy working with your IT provider or if they are frustrated with repeated issues, poor customer support, or slow response times. If the feedback is negative, consider it a red flag.

3. After-Hours Support Availability

At a minimum, any reputable IT company will answer their phones live from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. However, many executives and business owners in Rockland and Putnam counties work outside these hours and require IT support on nights and weekends. High-quality IT providers are accessible any time via on-call staff and provide fast responses regardless of the time.

4. Proactive Network Monitoring

You shouldn’t be the one alerting your IT company to issues. Their team should be actively monitoring your systems for downtime, breaches, and inefficiencies, bringing proposed solutions and updates to you proactively.

5. User-Friendly Customer-Centric Systems

Can you easily open a ticket through their IT management systems (email, phone, or other) to ensure issues are assigned, tracked, prioritized, and resolved quickly? If they lack a robust ticketing system, your requests might get overlooked. Your IT provider’s systems should be designed with customer convenience in mind.

6. Comprehensive Cybersecurity Planning

Cybersecurity is a critical concern. If your IT team hasn’t proposed a comprehensive plan to protect your business, they may not be qualified to provide the support and protection you need, putting you at risk. Work with providers who prioritize cybersecurity and regularly propose solutions to safeguard your operations.

7. Transparent and Detailed Invoices

Do you know exactly what you’re paying for? Often, clients are charged flat fees without clarity on what services are included. Ensure your IT provider is transparent about costs and services, so you know where your money is going and avoid being overcharged or under-served.

8. Adequate Insurance Coverage

If your IT provider causes a network problem that leads to downtime, data loss, or a hack, who is responsible? Ensure your provider has adequate insurance, including errors and omissions, workers’ compensation, and cyber liability. Don’t hesitate to ask for policy details.

9. Regular Backup Testing

Regular backups are crucial, but they are useless if the data is corrupt. Your IT provider should insist on periodic test restores or image verification to ensure data integrity and recovery capability in case of a disaster.

10. Timely and Budget-Conscious Project Management

If your IT provider frequently delays projects or adds unexpected fees, it’s time for a change. Great IT providers offer accurate project timelines and budgets, communicating promptly about any issues and proposing solutions.

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