Article Roundup – 05/09/14

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If It’s Online, It can Be Hacked!

Interconnected cars add unique privacy concerns

How to Create Content That Makes You (and Your Followers) Look Good

Cops get serious about cybercrime, and not before time

10 Tips on Making Your Marketing Automation Less Robotic

Hackers capture dynamic data to prepare for effective, stealthy attacks

How to Use LinkedIn Publishing to Build Your Personal Brand

Can we trust anyone with our personal info?

Link Building ≠ Content Marketing. But Here’s How They Fit Together

Email Marketing: A Simple Example of Relevancy & Hero Products

Provide the Proof: 5 Ways Sales Can Help Strengthen Customer Testimonials

Google Maps Adds Better Navigation, Offline Maps, and Tons More

Outlook Web App more efficient than Gmail

3 Tips to Boost YouTube Views

It’s spring! Clean out your PC’s junk with these free programs

Target CEO resigns, latest executive fallout from card breach

How Managers Can Use Email Tracking To Empower BDRs And Get Promoted

If My Phone Gets Replaced Under Warranty, Will It Get Upgraded?

Office for iPad now includes printing

How to recover deleted files

Effective Email Marketing: First Set Objectives — Then Analyze, Test and Improve

White House Calls for Big Data and Cloud Privacy Overhaul

Supposedly This Samsung Spot Is the Best Smartphone Ad Ever

Gates Would Back Xbox Spinoff

Data breaches 9% more costly in 2013 than year before

WalmartLabs Scoops Up Product Search Firm Adchemy

Dropbox fixes flaw that exposed user documents

When To Use Customer Case Studies in the Sales Process

3 Ways Regulated Industries Can Use Social Media [VIDEO]

Why you can trust free software (or at least some of it)

How a Boston Hospital is Using Google Glass to Save Lives