Article Roundup – 10/09/14

Reader smallXSolutions scours the web bringing you articles on important Technology and Business Topics. Our sincere thanks to the publications and authors for sharing their knowledge. We hope you enjoy and profit from the writings of these expert authors.


XSolutions’ Feature Article:

You Waste 17 Hours Per Year On This


It’s Time: How to Prep Your Email Marketing for the Holiday Season

Content Marketing: HB School’s Michael Norton discusses surprising consumer behavior research

Is Long-Form Video Content Back In Style?

Why You Should Measure New and Mature B2B Blogs Differently

Google (Now) Beats Siri And Cortana For Direct Answers — Study

What Facebook Atlas Means To Marketers

Do You Know How to Take Advantage of Globalization with Your Marketing?

The Introvert’s Guide to Successful Negotiating

How And When To Ask For A LinkedIn Recommendation

Why We Need to Tell the Truth About Marketing

Why SEOs Need To Stop Automating Email Outreach For Links

How Brands Can Leverage the #Instafamous


5 steps to take when a data breach hits

Almost half of Android devices still have a vulnerable browser installed

An inside look at Russian cybercriminals

Twitter sues for right to reveal more about national security requests

9 employee insiders who breached security

“Dear Important Business Proposal..”

Windows XP flaws help Russian ‘Qbot’ gang build 500,000 PC botnet

Here, Vishy Vishy…

Huge Data Leak at Largest U.S. Bond Insurer

Adobe will update e-reader to mop up clear-text data spillage

How To:

Three free tools that reveal your PC’s deepest details (including product keys)

How to keep your personal stuff private when lending your phone to a friend


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