Disaster Recovery Planning Step 9 – Vendor List


A master list of vendors that service your company along with contact information should be available to the appropriate managers. After disaster strikes, who knows what may come up that will require you or your managers to contact a trusted vendor to assist in your company’s recovery.

In Step 7, we discussed having a separate list of emergency and vendor numbers available. The vendor list we’re talking about is a complete list of all trusted vendors.

A master vendor list at your fingertips will give you and your team a list of resources to call as needed.

You need basic vendor information

  • Vendor Name
  • Address
  • Service or product
  • Telephone number
  • Contract and/or customer number (if any)
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Rep’s name
  • Rep’s direct telephone number
  • Rep’s email address
  • Location of pertinent documents (offsite or in cloud)


This simple matrix will save you and your team from massive headaches as you power through the recovery phase. Make sure this information is easily accessible by the appropriate personnel.

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