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Insidious Bug Found that Can Destroy Privacy

A LinkedIn Auto-fill plugin allows hackers to steal user profile data, by allowing third-party users to capture user data.
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ALERT: Millions Of Trusted Apps Are Leaking Data!

SDKs collect user data in apps to show ads, but, in many cases, they fail to secure the data when transmitting to their servers.

XSolutions Sees Uptick In Owner/CEO-Spoofed Emails

Owner or CEO impersonation emails are on the rise. Make sure all of your employees are aware, especially those in the finance department.
Massive Google Docs Phishing Campaign

Beware Of This Fiendishly Clever Phishing Scam

Scammers have devised a phishing campaign aimed at taking control…
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SECURITY ALERT: An Old Nemesis Resurfaces

Heimdal Security reports that the financial trojan, Trickbot…
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The Crème de la Crème of Phishing Attacks

Cyber-crooks created a fiendish way to steal your data. They take their time, study their targets, then pounce.
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XSolutions Sponsors Cyber-Attack Survival Forum

XSolutions sponsored a cybersecurity forum conducted by the CIANJ on February 28, 2018. The featured speakers were experts in their fields.

If You Get A Call From “Your Bank”―Don’t Do This!

Even tech-savy users can get trticked by a good social engineer. Read how this one knowledgeable person got taken to the "cleaners."

WanaCry Ransomware Hackers Threaten More Chaos

WanaCry wreaked havoc around the world because many companies and institutions were still using Windows XP.
Massive Google Docs Phishing Campaign

Security Alert: Massive Google Docs Phishing Campaign

A very convincing and deceptive Google Docs phishing scheme hit…