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XSolutions Sponsors Cyber-Attack Survival Forum

On February 28, 2018 it was our pleasure to sponsor a Cyber Security forum hosted by the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ).

As usual, CIANJ scheduled experts in the field to talk about various aspects of cybercrime, it’s impact, how to protect against attack and what to do after one has occurred. The forum was moderated by Roseann Casiere, SPHR, Managing Director, P.S. White Associates, Inc.

Eminent speakers were:

  • Magdi Boulos, Director of Project Management Office, Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Stanley Plewa, Assistant Training Manager, Columbia Bank
  • Larry Racioppo, Senior Vice President, USI Insurance Services

The speakers discussed the steps that organizations must take to protect themselves with examples of programs that they’ve initiated within their own companies to avoid and mitigate attacks.

It was very gratifying to hear the experts discuss steps that we’ve been writing about and advising our clients to take for years:

  • Employee training – as we have been saying all along, people are the weakest link in security. Ongoing cyber security training is essential to protect your organization.
  • Layered cyber-protection – firewalls, anti-virus, backups, strong passwords, network management, etc. all add barriers to hackers trying to compromise your network.
  • Clean desk policies – never leave client or company information on desks, in unlocked cabinets, etc. Shred all unneeded documents using a micro-shredder.
  • Written policies and procedures – guide employees on technology usage and how to protect company information.
  • Backup systems – as we have been advising, companies need Business Continuity systems to reduce down time from weeks and days to just hours and minutes. Data backup does not do this―only Business Continuity solutions do. If you want to know more, give us a call at (845) 362-9675.
  • Cyber insurance – even a small breach can cost thousands of dollars to mitigate. Do you have the financial resources to go it alone?

Before and after the meeting―as a sponsor―we had the opportunity to speak with attendees, of which many were owners, partners and executives of New Jersey companies. It was a great learning event and a huge success―all thanks to the CIANJ, a forward-thinking association and advocate for New Jersey businesses.

If you are a company that does business in New Jersey or wants to do business in the State, then you should check out the CIANJ.

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