Dual Monitors Can Save You $1800 Per Year

In this era of downsizing and doing more with less, management expects workers to be more productive, often doing the same work that used to be performed by two or more people. There is a definite need to reduce time-wasting motions when performing every day, repeatable tasks.

We often walk into offices and see employees with multiple documents opened, feverishly switching between them. The constant minimizing and maximizing of programs is a huge time waster.

This is when dual monitor setups can really make a difference to a company’s bottom line.

Small productivity gains result in huge company savings

Throughout the years, studies have shown that employees can be between 9% and 50% more productive when using multiple monitor setups as opposed to being restricted to one screen. The wide range of results from various studies is no doubt due to the difference in the way people work as well as their specific responsibilities. I like to take a more conservative approach and say that multiple monitor setups can increase employee productivity by 4.5% (50% of the lowest percent cited in the studies).

But, when you think about it, it really does make sense. Having two monitors allows you to keep two programs in full view simultaneously where you can quickly perform tasks without the constant wasted motion of minimizing one program and maximizing another.

Assuming an average annual salary of $40,000 and using the above percentage, employers could realize an approximate return of $1,800 per year per employee. So, a small business with 5 employees would get a return on investment (ROI) of $9,000 by installing multiple monitors for their workers:

$40,000 X 4.5% = $1,800 X 5 employees = $9,000

Monitors have come down in price in recent years (approx. $200 to $220), so the ROI is very high in relation to the additional cost, netting around $1,600 in productivity gains per employee the first year. A great return on investment.


While not every business may want to purchase multiple monitors for everyone, at the very least they should provide dual monitors to high-output employees and those that perform intensive spreadsheet and/or database operations enabling them to:

  • Easily switch between programs and applications quickly and efficiently.
  • Always have critical applications in view in addition to the programs they’re working on.
  • Make short work of mundane, repeatable tasks such as comparisons, research, and copy/paste operations.

The fact is, once your employees get a taste of the ease of working with multiple monitors, they’ll never want to return to a single screen again.  But with ROI like this, it’s well worth the small investment. Another dividend will be the increase in employee satisfaction. Happy employees are productive employees.

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