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Free Utility of the Month – Outlook Autocomplete Information Manager

If you use Outlook you will love this tool.  You probably use the autocomplete feature in Outlook nearly every time you send an email.  More specifically, this is the function that presents a list of previously emailed contacts as you type in the To, CC, or BCC fields.  The problem with this time saving feature is that there is no simple way to manage the list within Outlook.

Enter NirSoft’s NK2View utility.  Whey the odd name?  Outlook stores the autocomplete entries in a file with the .NK2 extension.

Using this utility you can delete old, obsolete or incorrect entries with ease.  If you recently switched computers or profiles you can easily import your existing contacts into this list and avoid having to use the lookup feature for the first few weeks.

Click here to and download this FREE utility.

Some quick pointers:

  • Just to be safe backup your .NK2 file before modifying it
  • Close Outlook when working in this utility to avoid any conflicts
  • Interesting fact:  Outlook limits the number of autocomplete entries to 1000