Free Utility of the Month – PrintKey

One of our passions at XSolutions is to scour the internet and print media for FREE and useful programs that will enhance our computing experience and help us do various tasks easier, better, and quicker. This month, we are featuring PrintKey, a small utility that we use here in the office on a daily basis.

How many times during your day do you want to send someone a screenshot? How do you do that? Perhaps you fire up Photoshop or some other large program, wait for it t load, and then capture and crop your screen image. After all that, you need to copy it onto your email or Word document.

How about having, at the click of the mouse, a small, easy to use utility to quickly capture and copy screen images? Save this small utility to your desktop or copy it into your start up folder so that it is always available. PrintKey is one of the most useful utilities you can have, and it is FREE!