Hackers Using Robo Calls To Scam More Victims

We just received a robo call on our cell phones warning us that “the IRS is preparing legal action against us and to learn more about it, call 636-628-5993 immediately”. It’s a scam, of course and we hung up after listening to it for research purposes. If you receive such a call, hang up immediately and take no action.

Please inform all family members, particularly the elderly who seem to be most susceptible to these kinds of scams. Tell them to hang up immediately and do not call the number. If they do, they will be subjected to threats in an effort to extort money.

As bad as we may think the IRS is, they will not call to threaten legal action and demand immediate payment. If there is an issue, the IRS will notify you by mail with instructions on how to respond.

Even though the tax season is officially over, scammers are still out there trying to squeeze the last dollar from our citizens.

Don’t be fooled by such tactics. Be wary of all calls such as these and remember, you can always call the IRS at their official telephone number and verify if there are any issues with your account.

Be safe.

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