Stressed man reading a scam letter.

Not All Scams Start On The Web


We are living in a digital world. That doesn’t come as a surprise to most people. What also shouldn’t be a surprise is that hackers use any means possible to exploit their victims.

 Most people expect online scams; that’s why some cyber-criminals use snail mail.   Read on.

The Letter

One morning, Frank went to his mailbox. He noticed a letter addressed to him as “Confidential – Open Immediately.” When Frank got back to his house, he opened the letter. It read:

“I know what you’ve been up to. I have pictures of you and your mistress together. I will send them to your wife unless you pay me $15,500 in Bitcoin within 24 hours.”

The letter went on to detail how to buy Bitcoin and pay the blackmailer.

The Reaction

At first, Frank got upset. After all, he never cheated on his wife, so how can someone accuse him of such an awful thing! Then it hit him. HE NEVER CHEATED ON HIS WIFE. So, how can anyone have proof? They can’t.

Frank showed the letter to his wife, and they went down to the local Post Office to report the scam. Later that day, he mentioned the attempted fraud to his neighbor. It turns out his friend got the same letter.

Frank was glad he didn’t overreact and kept his cool. But, he wondered, how many fell for the scam?

Did You Spot The Red Flags?

  • The letter was intimidating and used high-pressure threats with a short time constraint. These are designed to get an immediate reaction from the victim.
  • The letter asked for Bitcoin, a common tactic of scammers.
  • It turns out that Frank’s information was breached in a recent online attack. So, his name, address, email, and other info were for sale on the Dark Web. But, of course, Frank’s name and address were also on public record.


Snail mail scams are not expected. But that is why criminals use them. So if you receive one, report it to the Postal Inspector.

Remember, like Frank, don’t overreact. That is what the scammer wants. When people overreact, they do things they wouldn’t normally do. Keep your cool.

Be safe.

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