Security Alert: Windows 10 Shares Your Wi-Fi Network Password

Noted security blogger, Brian Krebs reported this morning that Microsoft’s newest operating system comes with a potential serious problem, called Wi-Fi Sense. If you do not opt out, Windows 10—by default—will share your Wi-Fi network password with listed contacts you have in Outlook and Skype.

Even though Microsoft encrypts your Wi-Fi password and keeps it on a Microsoft server, it does allow Outlook and Skype contacts to get on your network when they come within range of it.

I will describe this newest Windows 10 feature in two words: BAD NEWS!

Another security risk: if you do not opt out of Wi-Fi Sense and Google happens to index your wireless network, hackers will be able to use Google’s mapping features to find out where you live or where your business is located to hack into your Wi-Fi network.

Below are links to articles you should read if you’re using or about to use Windows 10:

  1. Microsoft’s instructions on how to opt out of Wi-Fi Sense: Click Here to read article.
  2. Article showing how to opt out of Google’s Wi-Fi Network Mapping: Click here to read article.

The instructions can be technical for some users and I suggest that you get professional help with this before attempting to perform these operations on your business network.

In general, NEVER do any upgrades to your network without first contacting a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like XSolutions. An MSP will make sure that you’re set up correctly and will inform you of potential risks before upgrades are performed on your business network.

Why Microsoft would do this without making it easy to opt out is beyond comprehension. But, now that you’re informed, you will be able to avoid this problem.


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