Disaster Recovery Planning Step 3 – Declaring A Disaster

Recovery starts when an emergency or disaster is declared and the energies of the company are focused on one thing—surviving the initial catastrophe and continuing operations (Business Continuity). This is an important piece of your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). Make sure you’re covered. Read on!

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 2 – Critical Processes

Catastrophes have a way of blurring events that can quickly overwhelm even the well prepared. This article discusses the role of documenting your Critical Processes in your Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Disaster Recovery Planning Step 1 – The Threat Matrix

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is essential to the survival of a business, no matter the size. In this article—the first in a planned series—we cover the initial phase of a DRP, the Threat Matrix.
Office Fire

Now Available: A Simple Disaster Recovery Plan Template

Some businesses create a false sense of security because they’ve instituted a cloud data backup strategy and enabled staff to work remotely in a crisis. Nothing can be further from the truth. All businesses need a written Disaster Recovery Plan. Our FREE template makes it easy.

GDPR and Business Continuity―why you must care

New Jersey is considering enacting GDPR-like regulations and other states are sure to follow. Find out what you need to do now to get in front of this pending regulation.

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