RAID vs. Backup

Is RAID A Backup Strategy?

RAID and backups are two very distinct technologies. One should not be used as a substitute for the other. In fact, you need both. Read on to find out why.

12 Steps To Survive In The New Normal

Businesses have focused exclusively on the Pandemic. The same threats that were important a few months ago are still relevant now.
Backup and Restore Decisions

Which Is Better: Full, Incremental, or Differential Backups?

Selecting a Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solution is serious business. Select the wrong one, and you could go out of business.
Incorporating the cloud into your IT setup

8 Tactics To Improve Security

COVID-19 taught us many business lessons. Ignoring them is a big mistake. Use these 8 tactics to ensure your company’s survival in the next disaster.
Data Spreading Worldwide

COVID-19 Scammers Step Up Attacks On Quarantined Workers

As we all hunker down during the pandemic, scammers are sharpening their claws, itching to sink them into quarantined Workers.
Audio Files

Security Alert: Audio Files Used To Spread Malware

Criminals have upped their game and are now embedding malicious code in audio files. Read on to find out what they’re doing now and how to thwart their attacks.
Workers sitting around table full of charts

Choosing your disaster recovery team

When disaster strikes, your business - and your bottom line - will suffer if you don't have a disaster recovery plan. The trouble is, without a team in place to execute your plan, even the most carefully constructed strategy falls apart. Here's who to ensure you have on your disaster recovery team, so you're covering all areas of IT.
XSolutions Article Roundup

XSolutions’ Article Roundup: 04.17.2019

Important news you can use now!
Do you have a DRP written plan

Are You Under-prepared for disaster?

A written Disaster Plan is a "must have" for all companies. Find out what you should include in your plan and how to download our FREE template.
Payday sign

Security Alert: Criminals Up The Ante On Payroll Fraud

CEO and payroll fraud offer big paydays to cyber-criminals. You can stop them, but you need to be diligent.