Incorporating the cloud into your IT setup

8 Tactics To Improve Security

COVID-19 taught us that we need to be better prepared the next time disaster strikes. Resilience, through defense-in-depth is the key. Below are eight tactics to improve your company’s resilience:

  1. Hardware and software Firewalls. Use a combination of hardware and software firewalls. Make it difficult for malware to enter your network. Hardware firewalls act as guards to your entire system, while software firewalls on individual PCs act as gatekeepers. They should all be on and active. Update and review the settings on all firewalls from time to time to make sure they are up to par.
  2. Antivirus (AV) programs are a must. AV won’t stop zero-day attacks, but they’ll help with the majority of malware. Users should never run without AV protection.
  3. Use Antimalware programs. With strong AVs, this step may not be necessary. However, antimalware programs can help keep online assets clean.
  4. Backup, backup, backup. Phishing attacks hurt many businesses during the pandemic. Companies that failed to back up their data were pushed to the brink. Use a Hybrid-Cloud Business Continuity solution for the best results.
  5. Incorporate the Cloud into your IT setup and backup planning. COVID-19 forced us to retreat to our homes to conduct business. Move parts of your IT to the Cloud. Businesses should use Office 365 for increased resilience. Note – make sure you backup your Office 365 data because Microsoft does not.
  6. Educate your employees. There are many good training programs out there. Continuous learning is the key. Training should not be a one-time shot. At a minimum, staff must be able to recognize common phishing attacks.
  7. Include Home Networks in your Disaster Planning. The pandemic showed that many home networks were not up to the task. Use this as a learning experience. Consider upgrading employee home networks before the next disaster.
  8. Have a written Backup Disaster Recovery Plan. When disaster smacks you in the face, winging it is not a good idea. If you do not have a written plan, make this a priority. It’s important to your company’s survival. After you have a written plan, test it often, and revise as necessary. If you don’t have a written plan, use our free BDR template (no registration required).

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