Coming To America—Data Privacy Regulations!

The EU's GDPR ushered in a new age of data privacy concerns. Now, the United States is following suit. Read to find out what's going on.
Looking Into Privacy Data

State Privacy Laws Coming. Are You Ready?

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, was the most comprehensive and sweeping data privacy directive to “hit the books” in many years. The GDPR is coming to America in the form of individual state regulations, forcing organizations to take better care of the personal data they hold. Does it affect you? You bet it does. Read on.

GDPR and Business Continuity―why you must care

New Jersey is considering enacting GDPR-like regulations and other states are sure to follow. Find out what you need to do now to get in front of this pending regulation.

The Reach Is Long And The Bite Deep

The GDPR is a European regulation that reaches around the globe. Run afoul of the reg, and you're in deep trouble.