Fake call center worker

Call Center Exploits – What You Need To Know

Cybercriminals are getting bold and using the telephone to convince users to download malware. Find out about this new tactic and what to do about it.

XSolutions' LinkedIn Post Roundup: Mar 01, 2021

Online shopping tips, ransomware, phishing, and the war on Linux. Don’t miss out on what is happening in security.

Your Home Is A Cyber Target - What To Do Now!

COVID-19 forced many companies to go virtual even though their employees were not prepared. Here's 5 things every home-based employee can do now to increase security.
Email Phishing

Security Alert: Fake WebEx Invites Deliver Malware Instead

Scammers are getting more sophisticated. Their latest trick is sending fake WebEx invites that can mean BIG trouble if you click the “Join Meeting” link. Read on.

Security Alert: Finance Departments Need To Be Super Vigilant

A recent ZDNet Security post describes a dastardly attack vector…

Protecting your company from phishing attacks

Phishing attacks through email and text messaging are on the rise. Fortunately, there are several simple ways you, your employees, and your clients can defend yourself from these kinds of breaches. Protect your company from security failure and downtime with these tips.

ALERT: Phishers Are Hard At Work With Bogus Microsoft Emails

One of our very good clients received the following email, supposedly…

Article Roundup - Week Ending 10/06/17

XSolutions posts to social media almost on a daily basis. Readers…

Security Alert: Equifax Data Breach Impacts 143 Million People

Reporting agencies and security blogs are ablaze today with the…
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Anatomy Of A CEO-Wire Fraud Attack

CEO-Wire Fraud is a dangerous Social Engineering attack that…