Email Phishing

Security Alert: Fake WebEx Invites Deliver Malware Instead

A recent SCmasgazine post revealed a new phishing campaign that is masquerading as WebEx meeting invites. WebEx, headquartered in California, is a Cisco company that develops and sells web and video conferencing applications.

The scammers are sending convincing-looking email invites with meeting numbers, passwords, and times plus a “Join Meeting” button.

When users click the button, they are routed to a site and prompted to download the WebEx software. However, by abusing the Cisco Open Redirect protocol, the user is sent to a scam site instead, that downloads the WarZone malicious payload.

WarZone is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that can do several things, like execute commands, take over webcams, delete files, enable Remote Desktops, log keystrokes, and steal passwords.

Verify all WebEx invites you should receive and make sure they were sent legitimately. DO NOT blindly click the “Join Meeting” button!

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