Your Home Is A Cyber Target – What To Do Now!

The Pandemic forced many businesses to go virtual, and most employees do not have secure home networks.

Here are 5 things you need to do now to secure your home against cyber-intruders:

– Change the default passwords on all routers and connected devices in your home. Most default passwords are available on the web for any hacker to see.

– Check your home router, and make sure you have the latest encryption standard enabled. The latest is WPA3.

– If others use your home network, set up a guest network to separate your work and personal online activities.

– Use a VPN when connecting to company systems.

– Review and understand how home connected devices, even personal ones such as cameras, appliances, etc., use and protect your personal information. A breach of a manufacturer can provide an entry into your home network.

While COVID-19 has shut down large sections of the economy, hackers have not taken a break. They see opportunity in our misery. Please don’t make it easy for them.

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