XSolutions Introduces Hosted Exchange Services In Wake Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was an eye opener for all businesses. IT equipment was rendered inoperable due to power and internet interruptions even in locations that never experienced such wide-spread storm effects in the past. To this end, XSolutions has stepped up its efforts to replace onsite email configurations with Hosted Exchange Services that will keep their email communications going during and after a devastating storm like Hurricane Sandy.

POMONA, NEW YORK (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 28, 2012—XSolutions is extolling the value of Hosted Exchange Services as a key part of any company’s Disaster Recovery planning. Hurricane Sandy not only caused wide-spread power and internet outages, it rendered many business sites uninhabitable, causing managers and employees to work, as best they could, from other locations. However, the effects of the storm not only damaged buildings, but also shut down or damaged onsite servers. Therefore, even if employees had internet connections at alternate sites, they could not use their company email to communicate with each other or their clients.

“xsolutions”, says Joseph Imperato Sr., Managing Partner at XSolutions. “When it goes down, we all quickly find out how much businesses depend on this communication medium. Having a Hosted Exchange is a way to make sure that this vital communication link doesn’t go down with your location and equipment.”

A hosted Exchange Solution runs a company’s email servers in hardened data centers that are prepared to function during and after the worst of catastrophes. Since the email servers are located in the Cloud, they are not subject to the problems a company’s physical location experiences during super storms like Sandy. Additionally, these hardened data centers have built-in redundancy and backup processes so it is very unlikely that they would go down for any length of time except to switch operations over to a new location if needed.

XSolutions offers Hosted Exchange Services to its customers for the above reasons. It is a turnkey process with XSolutions managing the solution from end-to-end. Any issues that may occur are taken care of by XSolutions so customers don’t have to worry about their email ever again.

Hosted Exchange works seamlessly with client onsite hardware. Clients access their email in the normal way. The difference is that should the company’s sites and servers become inoperable, email is still accessible from any other location with internet access.

“XSolutions has recently reevaluated its data center partners to ensure that they meet its high standards for security, redundancy, and ability to operate seamlessly during and after catastrophic events”, says Joseph Imperato Sr. “We are confident that no matter what happens to a company’s facilities and onsite IT equipment, they will be able to fully utilize their email to continue communicating with employees and clients. As Super Storm Sandy showed us, communication is vital to Disaster Recovery.

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