Are Your Passwords Compromised?


News of significant brand data breaches is a daily occurrence. Just turn to your favorite news channel, and you’re bound to hear of another breach. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly think they are OK if a vendor does not contact them about a breach. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Listen to those daily news stories. Unfortunately, most breaches are not discovered for months, maybe even years!

So, cybercriminals could have your credentials on the Dark Web long before you’re notified.

Why are these data breaches so dangerous? Because many of us have dozens of online accounts but only a handful of different passwords. A hacker can take stolen data from one breach and use that same password on your banking site. More often than not, this method yields results.

What can you do about it?

  • Stop using the same passwords over and over again. Yes, unique passwords for every account are difficult to remember, but they are critical.
  • Use a Password Manager (PWM) with Multifactor Authentication for added security.
    • Use the PWM’s generator to create new, complex passwords so every password is different.
    • Also, use your generator for answers to test questions. That way, responses would be illogical, stopping an attacker from guessing answers. Just make sure you document them in your PWM.
  • NEVER allow your browser to store passwords. It may seem like a good idea until you realize that if an attacker gains entry to your computer, the browser will automatically log you into confidential sites.
  • Change your passwords immediately if you are notified of a breach or see in the news that a company you use has been compromised.

Strengthen your passwords

Creating a strong password is challenging, almost as tricky as remembering all your different passwords. You’re aiming to develop something a human or computer can’t guess!

Refer to the bullets above. Use your PWM to create solid and complex passwords of at least 15 characters. Also, review passwords in your existing accounts and strengthen them as needed.


You must take password security seriously. They are the gateway to your digital life. Always use a good Password Manager, and NEVER keep a written or digital list of passwords in plain text.

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