The Dark Web

Benefits of Monitoring the Dark Web


What people see on search engines, like Google, is only a portion of the Web. Most of it is “below the surface” on the Deep Web and is not searchable by standard search engines. The Dark Web is part of the Deep Web.

It all started when the US government created the Dark Web in the 1990s for spies to swap information. It is still used today by journalists, law enforcement, and people living in oppressive countries.

The Dark Web is home to cybercriminals. This is where malware, and stolen information are sold.

Why Monitor the Dark Web?

To protect your business from cyber-assault.

Stolen data allows criminals to damage brands, cause significant financial losses, and steal identities. As a result, you can be at considerable risk if your business isn’t monitoring the Dark Web.

Dark Web monitoring can help you find:

  • Compromised logins
  • Stolen company, customer, and personal data

With Dark Web monitoring, you can limit damage to your bottom line, find weaknesses, and prevent future attacks.

How Does Dark Web Monitoring Work?

Dark Web monitoring checks multiple sites that criminals frequent. Scans search for stolen customer data, passwords, email domains, and IP addresses. You’re notified if your data is found so that you can take immediate action.

Protecting Your Business from the Dark Web

Dark Web monitoring is a mainstay of cybersecurity. But, it’s a good idea to strengthen your cyber-hygiene by:

  • Educating employees with a Security Awareness Training program
  • Using password managers and antivirus software
  • Keeping all software up to date and patched

Monitoring the Dark Web is not something every business can handle solo. There are thousands of pages to scan.

Our experts can boost your cybersecurity by setting up Dark Web monitoring, Security Awareness Training, and advanced network security tools for maximum protection. Contact us at (845) 362-9675 to lower your risk profile.

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