Article Roundup – 03.28.14

XSolutions scours the web to bring you links to articles on important Technology and Business Topics. Our sincere thanks to the publications and authors for sharing their knowledge. We hope you enjoy and profit from the writings of these expert authors. Here’s this week’s selections:

Spyware app turns the privacy tables on Google Glass wearers

Microsoft issues alert for Word zero-day – booby-trapped RTF files already used in attacks

Is data privacy more important than ever?

Is data privacy an out of date concept?

#1 Email Marketing Tip: Be Useful

Forget Social Media, Start With Something You Don’t Know

5 Things Brands Can Learn from Broadway

How 4 Brands are Using Japan’s Popular Messaging App

4 Apps for the Busy Executive

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

Here’s how your to-do list can text reminders to your phone

How to disable Windows 8’s deep cloud integration, piece by piece

How to quickly convert old Google Drive Sheets to the new format for offline editing

How to Make GIMP Work More Like Photoshop

The 21 Different Personalities of Brilliant Copywriters

6 Ways Social Data Can Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Negotiating a Job Offer? 15 Rules From a Harvard Business Professor

(Free!) Security Tools you should try

Banks’ suit in Target breach a ‘wake up call’ for companies hiring PCI auditors

Latest Word zero-day similar to exploits in other targeted attacks

Cybercrime trends point to greater sophistication, stealthier malware, more encryption

Cryptolocker infection forces chamber of commerce to spend $5,000 on new PCs

11 Tips for Working With IT Recruiters

12 Signs Apple is Bringing an iWatch to Market

Cybersecurity Expert and CIO: Internet of Things is ‘Scary as Hell’

Forrester Outlines IT Imperatives for Healthcare Providers

Creating burndown charts for Project using Power Pivot and Power Query

Office 2013 Service Pack 1 now available

Webinar: Understanding Power Pivot in Excel 2013