Article Roundup – 12/11/14

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XSolutions’ Feature Article:

Due to the dramatic increase of scam emails during this Holiday Season, we’re re-publishing this informative and timely post:

How To Tell If An Email Is Bogus


5 Common Infographic Pitfalls to Avoid at All Costs

How Much Should Sponsored Articles Really Cost? [New Data]

Why Google Plus Hashtags Matter

Email Marketing: Which of these 5 Award nominees can help you improve results?

4 Holiday Social Campaigns That Win & Why

10 Ways to Mix Up Your Visual Content on Social Media

Social Media and Email Integration Predictions for 2014: Were they right?

The Next Era of Marketing: Hear from Seth Godin

Naughty and Nice: 8 Brands from 2014

What the Collaborative Economy Means to Marketers [Infographic]


A Week in Security

5 Information Security Trends That Will Dominate 2015

Microsoft, Adobe Push Critical Security Fixes

Study reveals industry pros troubled most by ransomware threat, damage

Why the board of directors will go off on security in 2015

Unencrypted Data Lets Thieves ‘Charge Anywhere’

SEO poisoning campaign ensnares several thousand websites, security expert finds

8 Christmas gifts that will need to be secured

Report: Hackers tried to extort Sony execs before attack

Flaw in Alibaba’s international e-commerce site put merchants at risk

Ebook Spam on deviantArt Leads to Survey Scam

How To:

Free up space on your hard drive using your cloud storage’s selective sync option

How to Use Rules to Manage Your Email

Nifty new LastPass, Dashlane features can change your passwords for you


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