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Article Roundup – 05/23/14

XSolutions scours the web to bring you links to articles on important Technology and Business Topics. Our sincere thanks to the publications and authors for sharing their knowledge. We hope you enjoy and profit from the writings of these expert authors.

XSolutions’ Weekly Article:

Foreign State Sponsored Hacking Is A Problem For U.S.


Shut Up and Listen: Why Active Listening Matters [VIDEO]

14 Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Buyer Personas

Email Subject Lines: “We Sell Stuff” – No, You Don’t

Life-Hack: How To Stay Safe on Social

9 Quick Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Let’s Hear It for the Weekend (Email Send)

3 Ways to Use Active Social Listening as a Priceless (and Free) Market Research Tool

Want to Be a CMO? Learn These 3 Skills First

Email Marketing Ideas – They Won’t Hatch Without Action

Dos and Don’ts of Using Stock Photography vs. Original Imagery


How healthcare providers should reinvest in IT security

eBay becomes the latest online giant to own up to a password breach

Evidence of HIPAA compliance tips for healthcare providers

Safari 6.1.4 and 7.0.4 address critical flaws, iOS patches missing

Obama Backs New Surveillance Legislation, but Tech Companies Reject

Factoring trust, BAAs into health cloud security decisions

Chinese government shuns Windows 8 – security, economy or politics?

5 New Threats to Your Mobile Device Security

Does U.S. business stand a chance of keeping Chinese cyber-spies out of its data?

eBay Hack Could Result in Social Engineering Schemes

LifeLock pulls Wallet app, says it wasn’t compliant with data security standards

U.S. Government Issues Massive Recall Notice on Buggy Nest Alarms

New Internet Explorer zero-day details released after Microsoft fails to patch

US charges Chinese military officers with cyber espionage

 How To:

How to change your eBay password

Webinar: 8 great timesavers in Outlook

What you need to know about libraries

Outlook Web App provides more efficient calendar delegation and management than Gmail

Get two-factor authentication on the desktop with Authy

Best Screen Recording Android Apps to Record Your Screen