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Article Roundup – 06/05/14

XSolutions scours the web to bring you links to articles on important Technology and Business Topics. Our sincere thanks to the publications and authors for sharing their knowledge. We hope you enjoy and profit from the writings of these expert authors.

XSolutions’ Weekly Article:

Does PCI Compliance Apply To Your Business?


How to Get More People to Open Your Emails [Video]

7 Essential Free Tools for Social Media Design

iContact: Building Personality Behind the Brand

Simple Rules For Leading Sales Teams In The Social Selling Era

Through the Google lens: search trends May 23-29


5 summer scams to watch out for this season

The Reality of HIPAA Violations and Enforcement

Target breach aftermath: Is PCI compliance a ‘tick box’ exercise?

Say hello to your vending machine – it might be watching you!

NSA Facial Recognition Program Collects ‘Millions’ of Photos From the Web

Flaws in popular SEO plug-in put WordPress websites at risk

Monday review – the hot 22 stories of the week

12,000 Europeans ask Google to forget them

University Researchers Test Cyberdefense for Nation’s Power Grid

American Express issues alert after Anonymous dumps cardholder data

Unhappy birthday to you – mobile malware turns 10

Beware the next circle of hell: Unpatchable systems

How To:

Save power: Don’t run your PC 24/7

A Primer for Stronger Passwords

Staying safe this hurricane season

Make phone calls from your Mac right now

A beginner’s guide to BitLocker, Windows’ built-in encryption tool

Everything you need to know about social networking you already learned in grade school

How to create 3D Worksheets in Excel 2013

Dev Recruiting 101: 10 Ways NOT to Interview a Candidate