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Locky Ransomware Diguises Itself Again

Locky ransomware keeps evolving in an effort to live on!

Security firm, Bitdefender through its blog, Hot For Security, reports an uptick in SPAM attacks where malicious emails carrying infected attachments warn users of suspicious money movements from bank accounts, credit card suspensions, etc.

Once the target clicks on the attachment, they are infected with ransomware.

The only way to recover from a ransomware attack (if your Shadow Copies have been deleted which many variants do) is through your backup system. Keep in mind that data backups alone do not ensure a quick recovery. So, if all you have is a data backup system, your recovery may be long and painful.

The ultimate protection against data loss is a Hybrid-cloud backup solution that provides:

  1. Instant onsite failover for super-fast, local restores.
  2. Cloud failover to two (2) geographically separated locations for maximum protection and redundancy.
  3. Image capture for fast restores.
  4. Bare Metal Restore capability.
  5. Full management from installation to monitoring to maintenance and finally, restoration.

Don’t become a statistic. Call us to upgrade your data backup system to a Hybrid-cloud backup solution now.

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