Save 13 Hours Per Year Per Employee Using This Simple Tip

Timer2The productivity drain that sneaks up on most businesses

In recent articles, we’ve shown you that it’s possible to save money and increase office productivity by adjusting just a few simple things. Here’s another one; if you can shave just 3 minutes per day when performing common everyday tasks on your PC, you can save 12.5 hours of non-productive time during the year.

That doesn’t sound like much until you apply your company’s average hourly pay rate to each employee! So, if you have 5 employees and you pay them an average salary of $20 per hour, then collectively, you’re paying $1,250.00 for wasted time. Here’s the math:

(3 minutes per day X 5 days X 50 weeks) / 60 minutes = 12.5 hours X 5 employees = 62.5 hours X $20 per hour = $1,250.00.

The mouse is one of the most inefficient ways to use your computer

Using your mouse often times requires multiple clicks to perform a task when in most cases a keyboard shortcut will do the job in much less time, saving seconds off each chore throughout your day. Those seconds do add up!

Now, I can list all of the Windows Operating System keyboard shortcuts for you in this article, but the fact is they are well documented on the web. A simple Google search will reveal millions of hits.

Learn keyboard shortcuts and dramatically increase your productivity using this resource

Click here for a great site that lists Windows shortcuts for versions XP (which you shouldn’t be using — right?) through Windows 8. The website also includes keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word and Excel as well as the Mac and Linux Operating Systems, so it is a great resource.

This tip when combined with others we have recently written about can save your business almost 90 hours per employee per year. That’s $9,000 for a business with 5 employees and an average hourly pay rate of $20.00. As we’ve said before, it’s the little changes you do that can make a big difference.

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