Security Alert: Go ToMyPC Hacked

Graham Cluley reports that the popular remote access tool, Go ToMyPC has been hacked and Citrix reset all passwords as a security precaution. Click here to read the actual article.

We advise that all of our clients and readers who use Go ToMyPC to change their password immediately and follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not reset your Go ToMyPC password to the same one you were using before!
  • Use a unique password with at least 14 characters with a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • NEVER reuse a password for more than one application.
  • Avoid using personal information as part of your password and stay away from common phrases. Thieves use personal info gleamed from online sources and programs that can run through whole dictionaries to guess common passwords.
  • Do not keep documents (i.e. text file, spreadsheet, Word doc, etc.) containing logon information on your computer. If you ever get hacked, a criminal will have all of your passwords.
  • Use a Password Manager such as KeePass or Dashlane to remember all of your login information. Protect the app with a super-strong password that you’ll never forget.
  • Whenever possible, use two-factor authentication which will require more than a user name and password combination to gain access. Go ToMyPC has two-factor authentication —we encourage you to enable it.


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