A Lesson To Be Learned

If your company has not been hacked or victimized yet―consider yourself lucky and use the time to prepare for an attack when it comes.
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ALERT: Worldwide Ransomware Attack Underway

A variant of the notorious NotPetya ransomware, known as Bad Rabbit, is making its rounds throughout the world.

Massive Ransomware Attack Underway

Barracuda researchers confirmed that a massive ransomware attack…

Security Alert: 23 Million Bogus Emails Spreading Ransomware

23 million phishing emails have been launched by hackers - all carrying infected attachments. Your prize for opening a document? Ransomware!
Scammers contacting Finance Executives

Security Alert: New IRS/FBI Ransomware Scam

Using IRS and FBI images in emails, hackers are tricking unsuspecting users into clicking malicious links.

To A Hacker—You’re Not Important But Your Data Is!

Your information is everywhere on the internet and many online databases are not secured properly. It's free data for hackers!

Criminals Attack On A Global Scale

As you've undoubtedly heard, a second global ransomware attack…
Malware Evolves To Dangerous Levels

Malware Evolves To Dangerous Levels

Hackers have evolved. Now that users are wary of opening attachments in emails, they've come up with new ways of attacking us.

WanaCry Ransomware Hackers Threaten More Chaos

WanaCry wreaked havoc around the world because many companies and institutions were still using Windows XP.

Ransomware - Information Held Hostage

A cybersecurity conference held in Connecticut treated the audience to detailed info that went well beyond normal expectations.